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THE TEAM Black & White Collection




Against Difference

Basis of the Concept Values


By virtue of its values, fusion, unity, uniqueness and the desire to transmit a constructive message to society remain the pillars of its approach.




Through its concept, "BLACK & WHITE" seeks to raise awareness of the reality of racism and proposes its messages to fight against this social scourge in favour of UNIVERSAL UNITY.


The concept " BLACK & WHITE " transmits its values on everything that revolves around the existence of Man with a positive interpretation and message, in order to revitalize the notion of social harmony in each purchaser of its products.

"BLACK & WHITE" lens


The " BLACK & WHITE " products offered, are designed, made according to precise rules, in terms of dimensions, according to the Golden Rule.

The "BLACK & WHITE" product accompanies its purchaser in his or her daily inner life through an instigating message, a message to revive the notion of social harmony.​

Association " BLACK & WHITE "


The "BLACK & WHITE" association is a charitable association whose objective is to provide direct aid to institutions or organizations working for the three pillars of sustainable development, mainly in the social field, for a direct contribution to the needy.

We are setting up a branch of the association in each country where "Black & White" products are marketed, for a subsidy of 10% of the net profits on local sales, the latter for the benefit of the natives.

In this case, the 10% of the net profits made in the USA are willing to provide direct aid to the local needy.

"Accept into our universe whatever satisfies our senses."​

Designing one's living space is a revelation of the self and a source of fulfilment. "

Conceiving the adages in black and white gives a style of extreme simplicity bringing comfort and well-being.


This design of the adage on a plain background, allows a clear reading. The reader can give free rein to his imagination, thus creating his own interpretation, (vision). What we put in our interior has repercussions on our psychological balance.

In the "BLACK & WHITE" concept, black and white offer resonance, absolute beauty and allow you to get to the essential.

White represents positive values such as purity, balance, calm, peace and serenity.

It provides light and gives a feeling of freshness in a room.

Black is a mysterious colour, it is associated with elegance, presence and power.

In this case, the decorative object in its simplicity brings peace and serenity to our interior living space, as well as to our minds.


"BLACK & WHITE" brings Energy of Life. It is the source of movement. Movement is change, and where there is movement, therefore change, there is life.

SOCRATE said almost 2,500 years ago:


"The Perfect Being is the gathering of all the BEGGINS."


This, not to say, all "Beings" are but "One".

Indeed, this is supported by the theses of the great observers of nature [ODN].

ALCHIMISTS say: "All things have a common essence".


JACOB-BOHEME indeed says: "All creatures are this one thing, but their properties differentiate them".

Thereafter, by the same logical process of reasoning or reflection, the most important thing is what we subjectively have in common, "Love" and objectively "The Color of our Blood".

Indeed, the message to be conveyed through this adage focuses on the Social Pillar, one of the three pillars of sustainable development.

The message is to tell the public,


"God didn't create one of the colors because he ran out of pigment to continue the creation of the other. " Each of the colours simply has its own reason for being. And the two colours are inescapably complementary.

The most important thing is what they have in common - "The Colour of Blood" -.

Racism violates the fundamental right of equality of human beings and must be combated because every human being has the right to respect regardless of physical appearance, religion, culture or ethnicity.

Each "BEING" is a "SINGLE BEING". Despite all these differences, all the "BEINGS" have one thing in common, the colour of the blood flowing in their veins, red.

Each "BEING" is unique and at the same time complementary, such as shadow and light, day and night, good and evil, black and white, ...

Hence the moral:


"Each color has its own reason for being, so that the two complement each other. "


​See you soon.




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